release date:2020-09-27

1、 Microphone FAQs:

1. If the two cameras are installed, there is no audio, there is no work after the battery is installed. After the battery is installed, it can not work. If a battery is replaced, the microphone can not be turned on

Cause of the problem and treatment suggestions: the product itself is defective, it is recommended to replace the product. In the later stage of production, each link of the product is strictly inspected and the quality is strictly controlled

2. The microphone is not suitable for some cameras, and some cameras cannot be used with adapters;

Cause of problem / solution: it is recommended that the customer use the original adapter

3. When the microphone is in use, the indicator light is on, but there is no pickup function

Cause of problem / treatment suggestion: the analysis is that the connection between the wire and PCB board is loose and the contact is poor, resulting in the failure to pick up the sound. Solution: reserve the inner wire bundle a little longer, and keep the welding wire head loose under the action of shaking and external force.

2、 Common problems of camera battery:

1. Install the fill lamp tightly: cause of the problem / treatment method: modify the button position of the battery bottom cover

Common problems of battery charger:

1. No charging, slow charging: cause / solution: cause: A: solder resist and solder oven temperature will cause false soldering during PCBA over wave soldering B: PCB pad is dirty, etc

2. Insufficient battery charge: the cause / solution of the problem is that PCBA is not cleaned after maintenance.